My work bestie

is a wonderful person.

Yeah, my face is kind of ridiculous

Sidenote: Look how short my hair is. Whoa. Anyway, I think this was before graduation when I was a little intern.

Back to Joaq. As my work bestie, he gets to hear my horrible singing on the way back from lunch, he complies to most of my lunch choices, he’s great at calming me down when I’m going off the deep end over something I have no control over and he’s ridiculously patient.

This isn’t just a random blog to write about a wonderful person I know. We weren’t always besties! Its not like we were nemesis either but we weren’t super close until one fateful day (cue the billowy dream sequence blur out).

Last July we auditioned for NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

Listen, it was humid out...

There we were in our 210SA (RIP) shirts. Anyway, we showed up for the audition because well…why not? We fit the weight requirements, we love the show, we had nothing better to do, I guess? Either way we thought we were showing up early…no dice. There was a line of about 200 people before we got there. It only kept getting longer. So we sat around, stood around and waited to be called into the NIX Hospital where casting directors would get a whole 10 minutes to soak in our awesomeness.

Unfortunately, the waiting was kind of a pain. A 6-hour-long pain. We made the best of it by thinking of reasons why we belonged on the show, singing songs from musicals, trying to find a shady spot, etc.

Eventually the line was moved toward a tented area filled with people from NIX. There were tables of diabetes test, weight tests, BMIs, freebies, etc. I’m STILL getting mail from their gastric bypass department….yeah, never gonna happen. Not as long as I can get my ass off my couch.

Two things happened that day. Joaq and I kind of became work besties (mostly ’cause we lied and tried to audition as such so we had to learn a lot about each other in 6 hours) and secondly, I learned I didn’t need The Biggest Loser.

Sure I’d love to be whisked away to a fabulous ranch in California with world-famous trainers willing to work you to the bone, filled with other people who know what being a certain weight is like. Yes, that would be fabulous. But I don’t need it. While standing in line I saw so many people that were so much bigger than me, people that could really benefit from the ranch. It was one of the few times I’ve ever felt small in my life.

By the time we made it into the audition room, I knew I really didn’t want it. I tried charming the casting people but so many other people had such painful stories of loss that my I-eat-a-lot-and-don’t-really-work-out-as-much-as-I-should excuse (because really, that’s all it is) paled in comparison. Needless to say, we didn’t get a callback.

That day in July I came away just a little closer to my work soul mate and with the oomph I needed to get my butt into gear. Whenever I’m having a lazy day, I think back to when I stood in line for 6 hours (instead of going to work out, mind you) for a chance to be on a show. The day I saw so many people from my own city that needed so much more help than I did.

That day gave me resolve.

Anyway, I’m off to read Health Magazine,

She's so beautiful

Women’s Health Magazine

I don't like her but I like the mag

and a fun new recipe mag I found. I’m still icky from a walk to the Valero on Fredericksburg which I turned into my activity for the day. Hasta manana!

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  1. […] I’ve watched the BL on and off for the last 13 seasons. It’s ridiculously motivational…to a point. I have to remember that it is “reality TV.” Oh, for those new to the blog, and let’s face it, when you don’t blog consistently you lose readers, I tried out for season 9 of the Biggest Loser in 2009. You can read about it here. […]

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