Don’t worry folks, I’m still working out and eating right. I’ve just been slammed at work. Lot’s of fun stuff to turn in.

I always seem to forget that I need sleep when I work out. We took today off because I couldn’t work out in the AM and we were going to a fashion event in the evening. Tomorrow’s probably going to be an equally long day, but I have to go to the gym.

Let’s discuss: How do you start a work out regimen? Do you plan out how many times you’ll go to the gym, how many times you’ll focus on conditioning, how often you take days off?


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2 thoughts on “Eek

  1. Daphne says:

    it’s all about planning! If I don’t literally put in on my work calendar, i don’t go. silly, right? I know. but it works. then I specify what I’m doing: cardio 3xs a wk, strength 2xs a wk, and some sort of stretching 2xs a week (yoga/pilates). I treat y/p days as “off days” since you can’t take a day off from health! also, it helps me feel less guilty about having a cheat day. I eat sensibly 5-6 days a week, and one day a week HIDE YOUR FOOD, HIDE YOUR SNACKS bc it’s my freakin’ cheat day and no carb is safe!! I hope my little comment can help you get a little closer to your commitment!! good luck!

  2. Haha! That made me LOL so hard! That does sound like a good plan. I need to incorporate yoga again. My hamstrings are super tight.

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